Obama Chia Pet Held Up Behind Santelli On CNBC (VIDEO)

CNBC really needs to do something. They're just getting ridiculous. It's embarrassing as a nation that this is our major financial network.

Great catch from Jason Linkins:

Two of our Media Monitors flagged this wackness on CNBC, where Rick Santelli is doing his stand-up hit from the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and behind him, some dude on the trading floor keeps moving a Barack Obama Chia Pet into the shot.

This is what you get when Santelli opens up the can of worms that makes pointless, on-camera attention-whoring look so good. Now, we'll probably have to put up with future instances of these guys on the floor of the exchange clowning for the CNBC cameras with whatever half-witted, penny-ante agitprop pops into their brains. At a time when Americans would most love to see everyone who has anything to do with the financial sector demonstrate a little restraint and evince maybe a tiny dollop of goddamn seriousness about the state of the world, this crap is just really sending the right message.

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