“Keep your socialistic dance! We don’t want to live in France!”

Speak for yourselves! Have you seen the Champs-lyses in fall? Se magnifique!!
Have you heard about those "tea parties?" If you haven't, then you must not watch the Fox News Propaganda Network. Evidentally, there's a revolution going on.

“Liberty, yes! Tyranny, no!”

“Keep your socialistic dance! We don’t want to live in France!”

LOL. I don't think the NY Times took their lunacy as seriously as they would have liked:

Their enemy: a tyrannical government heedless of the people’s will and blind to its manifold injustices. Their tactic: a Boston-style tea party, a symbolic rebellion for times that once again are trying men’s souls.

Tea parties are a recent phenomenon, spawned in the red-meat districts of right-wing talk radio and cable TV. It was strange to see the rebels reach Northport, whose antiques ’n’ potpourri Main Street, with a half-dozen empty stores, could use a little federal stimulus.

But down at the park gazebo, the green lawn was rumbling with grass-roots anger. Actually, its grass-rootiness was highly debatable. What were the citizens angry about? The stimulus? Not really, said one organizer. He had problems with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Laws impeding capital formation. “Indict Charlie Rangel,” said a sign. “Lowlife Obama!” roared a man in the crowd, causing giggles.

Was this about Wall Street? Evil automakers? Greedy lenders who pillaged Long Island with predatory housing loans? No, no and no. It was not about fixing unbridled free-market capitalism, but ensuring its glorious restoration. Mostly, it was about tax cuts.

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