Now that we "officially" know, what do we do?

Are you listening, Mr. President?

From Dkos' mcjoan:

Thank you, President Obama, for making a difficult and important moral decision yesterday to release the four OLC memos that institutionalized the Bush torture regime. Reading through these memos is a gut-wrenching, nauseating, and essential experience.

It's essential because, as digby describes it shows the process by which torture became policy.


It's chilling, and it's the strongest argument possible for not turning the page on this chapter of American governance. Reading these memos, you can only react viscerally and it's difficult to keep from concluding that these were evil people. But labeling the torture regime as the outgrowth of evil is too easy, it's too simplistic. And it's utterly inadequate if we want to make sure that this never happens again.


To that end, both the ACLU and FDL have petitions urging Eric Holder to immediately appoint a Special Prosecutor.

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