MSNBC's Joe Doucheborough: America Needs A Dick Cheney

The Doucheborough strikes again. He sure does give Glenn Beck a run for that "most ignorant award" championship.

From Jason Linkin's

Today's Obama overseas trip was given a pretty thorough discussion on Morning Joe, but I was a bit taken aback by this statement from Joe Scarborough:

"...Americans may not like it, a lot of elites in New York may not like it, people that live in my neighborhood on the Upper West Side may not like it, but you need a Dick Cheney.."


Uhm...what? Look, I agree that America should project a goodly share of resolve and toughness, but wow -- you'd do well to not mistake "Dick Cheney" for "toughness." Toughness, to me, is not squirreling yourself away in your undisclosed redoubt to be vaguely creepy and every once in a while drop an F-bomb on the floor of the Senate. And I'd really dispute the notion that Dick Cheney ever inspired even a scintilla of fear in the hearts of the "bad people of the world." Seems like he mainly instilled fear in the hearts of decent Americans, Constitutional scholars, and our allies.

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