Midweek Loon Watch: Freakout Over President Obama’s iPod Gift

The funniest part is the fact that the Queen REQUESTED an iPod!

From DailyKosTV:

The loons were out in full force on Wednesday, attacking President Obama for giving the Queen of England an iPod containing video of her 2007 state visit to the U.S. because — get this — she already owns a 2005 edition iPod Mini. You know, the kind without video.

That they were offended over this triviliality was enough comedy to warrant a mid-week Loon Watch, but the fact that the Queen requested the iPod and that her former spokesman said the Obamas "scored a hit" sealed the deal: a Loon Watch was called for.

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From Media Matters:
In an April 1 article, the Politico reported that President Obama presented Queen Elizabeth II with "a personalized iPod," and added, "The bestowing of the Royal iPod brought a cringe from one top etiquette expert, who said it confirmed that Obama hasn't figured out presidential gift giving." But while Politico staff writer Nia-Malika Henderson noted criticism of the gift by "etiquette expert" Anna Post of the Emily Post Institute, Henderson did not mention that the White House reportedly said Queen Elizabeth asked for the iPod that Obama gave her.

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