Michael Steele Laughs Off Economic Crisis [Video]

Whatever Barack Obama is to African American pride, this moron has got to be the definition of the exact opposite.

From Crooks & Liars' :

I'm seriously starting to believe that we need to have a mandatory basic aptitude training and testing for public office: classes in history (both US and world), basic economics (macro- and micro-), ethics, etc. The amount of outright stupidity amongst those who actually influence the direction of this country is completely freaking me out.

Luckily, as the head of the RNC, Michael Steele really has no influence, especially considering how many people admit that the Republican Party is essentially leaderless. That tells me that even the Republicans--who appear to champion ignorance to unbelievable levels--know he's a joke.

That's why I will only shake my head in amusement at the tenuous grasp on economics exhibited by the RNC Chair:

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