McClatchy: Rachel Maddow brings ‘civility’ to cable news

Nice piece on Rachel. Are you listening MSNBC? How about you Ed Schultz? Enough with the god damn "pundits" & "political operatives" but especially the hate-radio racists. They don't belong on MSNBC. That's what FOX is for.

From Think Progress:

McClatchy profiles the success of MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and concludes that “her intent is for those watching to actually learn something” from her show. Maddow said she does not like TV news shows that pit two talking heads against one another, a format she calls “boxing masquerading as news.” “I'm not going to tell anybody to shut up unless they say something about my mom,” she added. Maddow also explained that her show won’t be making too many adjustments in the wake of President Bush’s departure from office:

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