Maybe Obama should send a Nazi sympathizer to the Vatican

Fuck the Vatican. Haven't they done enough damage over the past millennium (or two)?

From John Aravosis (AmericaBlog):

The Vatican has reportedly vetoed three of Obama's proposed ambassadors, including Caroline Kennedy, because they're pro-choice. Which is funny, since the Vatican isn't nearly as discerning about welcoming Holocaust-deniers into its ranks. Speaking of which, when does the Pope plan on doing something about the Nazi-sympathizer he's now embracing, even though he knew the man is a Holocaust denier? The Pope told him to recant or else. No recant. And nothing from the Vatican, as if we'll all just forget that the German-born Pope, who was a member of the Hitler Youth, welcomed a Holocaust-denialist into the Vatican. Fat chance.

The Vatican is "denying" the story. Kind of. Read their denial. It's something that, as a lawyer myself, I'd have written if I were guiltily parsing my words:
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