LOON WATCH: Glenn Beck Show issues a wingnut call to arms

I can't believe I missed the DK TV video Jed created on Friday. It's mind boggling:

Earlier today, Glenn Beck got some guy to dress up in a Thomas Paine costume and issue a call to arms.

Beck’s ‘Thomas Paine’ delivered some of the wing-nuttiest rantings ever to be broadcast on Fox — and that’s saying something. Among the gems:

  1. The time for talk is over.
  2. Your complacency will only aid and abet our national suicide.
  3. The stimulus package was as bad as 9/11 and Pearl Harbor.
  4. Democrats are as bad as al Qaeda.
  5. To show you agree with the preceeding, at twelve noon on April 15, honk your horn three times.
  6. After the teabag parties, there will be a million man “we the people” march on Washington.
  7. It’s time to hoist this battle flag once again.
  8. His name is Thomas Paine, and he’s ready to take back America.

Here’s video:

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