KKK revival and the Fox Noise Talking Heads

Another piece on the disturbing upsurge in hate groups & message being mainstreamed by the Fox lunatics, et. al.

The media had better wake and start focusing on this very real and very dangerous threat that comes not from foreign terrorists such as al Qaeda, but from right-wing hate groups & homegrown, domestic terrorists.

This one is from Dkos' LaFeminista:

I am not sure how much the recent spate of senseless gun crimes is related to the incitement by the likes of Beck, O'Rielly, Hannity, Coulter and Limbaugh etcetera, it depends on how much influence you are willing to accredit them with, and judging by Limbaugh's and Fox's popularity this seems significant.

However there is another organisation making a come back since we elected an African American who is desperately trying to repair the shattered economy left by his Phoney Texas Ranger Rancher predecessor.

Now the KKK is making a slow steady comeback at it is easy to see why...


The Klan is adapting its message and the conditions are ripe for its return as can be seen from many comments on right wing websites such as Free Republic, Redstate, and Little Green Footballs. You don't even need to go to white supremacist websites to see the build up of hate."


The 'Thar gonner take ur gunz away' crowd will resort to violence, as has been to recently horribly demonstrated. The Glenn Beck's and Rush Limbaugh's of this world are playing with fire when they pander to these lunatics to promote their own sorry careers."

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