John Cole on Jake Tapper: A Mystery Wrapped Inside a Riddle!

Everything that is wrong with ABC's Jake Tapper's kind of journalism, is encapsulated in John Cole's two-paragraph blog post. Here's the first:

Virtually every single ridiculous meme circulated in the right-wing wankosphere during the election found its birth with Jake Tapper. Whether it was the nonsense about the teleprompter, which Tapper was pushing in February of 2008, or the “ZOMG HE CALLED SARAH PALIN A PIG” which came to us courtesy of Tapper, or the time that Jake Tapper mysteriously decided to work late and tell us that an innocuous statement from Obama was an allegation of racism directed at the McCain campaign (Rick Davis loved this title, Jake: “Did Obama Accuse McCain of Running a Racist, Xenophobic Campaign?”. He liked it so much we got treated to a week of Republicans running around to every media outlet accusing Obama of playing the “race card.” ), or the time when he decided to plant the meme that Obama is a liar because Jake thought he smelled smoke on his breath, or, of more recent vintage, when he got the vapors over a stupid joke from the Tonight Show..

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