MSNBC Takes Michele Bachmann Seriously

Some days you have to wonder if the airline attendants over at MSNBC ever went to journalism school. Michele Bachmann should be ridiculed, not discussed as if if what she says & does has any basis in reality or deserves to be in any serious conversation other than to shame, dismiss and belittle.

From Jason Linkins:

At what point does the uptick in incidences of Michele Bachmann saying crazypants nonsense in front of reporters graduate from political-cultural oddity to area of concern? How about today, Tuesday, April 7, 2009, at approximately 9:22 a.m., maybe?

That's when Contessa Brewer and Erin Billings dug into the latest Bachmann frenzy -- her contention that the national service organization AmeriCorps was a dangerous front for youth "re-education camps." What followed was an almost unbearably polite discussion of Bachmann. We are told that she has a knack for saying "certain things that incite attention." We hear that she appeals to a "right flank" of the Republican party that is "enamored" of her. Attention is given to disputing the idea that she is a "darling of the Republican party," probably because people in the Republican party -- who don't exactly go out of their way to repudiate Bachmann's nonsense -- will do the bare minimum of going to people like Erin Billings of Roll Call and telling her: "You know, this is off the record, but Michele Bachmann doesn't really represent the Republican party."

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