Jack Welch gives high marks to Obama: 'A' in leadership

Keep in mind who Jack Welch really is (besides the former head of GE): He was a huge supporter of Rudy Giuliani's, Mitt Romney's, and John McCain's failed presidential runs.

Jack Welch on CNN:

"[I] like the way he's expressing a vision, the way he's brought a team together," Welch said. "He's done the vision thing, he's a great communicator and he's got a team-building skill that is really working."

Welch also had high praise for Obama's performance during his trip abroad, calling the president's recent town-hall meeting in Strasbourg, France "masterful."

"He didn't make one misstep — I thought his press conference in Strasbourg was an incredible job. The idea of explaining American exceptionalism in the context of Europe was as masterful a speech as I've ever heard."

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