It's Panic.  Sheer Panic.

Great analysis of just how far off the ledge the right-wing loons have gone from thereisnospoon:

If a space alien unfamiliar with our politics and customs were to visit the United States and acquaint itself with our recent history, it would be astonished, no doubt, upon witnessing the seeming insanity that has gripped the opinion leaders of the more conservative wing of our political divide. It would surely pity and find ill-used a long-suffering American public forced to waste their time with increasingly insane drivel unbecoming the attention of a great nation.

That a popular new president just three months into his term, desperately trying (whether one agrees with his particular choice of solutions or not) to undo the damage unquestionably caused by his predecessors and a clearly failed ideology of deregulatory bellicose fervor--that such a president should be given a reasonable space of time in which to attempt to solve the problems set before him would seem to be common sense. Certainly, our hypothetical space alien would point to the years of forbearance given to the previous President after 9/11/01, and wonder that a similar unanimous embrace of bipartisan good feeling should not have emerged during an economic crisis of centennial proportions.


The entire principle of Republican politics was predicated on the notion that an African-American man named Barack Hussein Obama could barely get a fair shake at catching a cab or getting an apartment, much less winning the presidency and a 60% approval rating. To some, the notion remains so impossible that it must have been the work of a massive shadow conspiracy.

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