What the hell is happening to Huffington Post?

I'm Confused... Isn't the Huffington Post supposed to be a progressive website? Why does it look more & more like the Drudge Report or the NY Post in both it's tabloid headline/format as well it's ever increasing anti-Dem/anti-Obama content?

It's almost as bad as Politico.

It's one thing to report the truth, even if it is supposedly bad news (for Dems), it's quite another to choose the worst possible light to portray it in.

And while I wouldn't even call the example below "bad news," it's a perfect example of Huffpo trying to elevate a non-story into a story of Drudge-like proportions, at the expense of other the very people the site is supposed to be promoting.

I've had enough of it. Between the comment moderators not allowing any criticisms of HuffPo within the comment threads, at least not when name HuffPo in a comment and the obvious changes that are taking place at the site, I'm going to start limiting the article I link to and submit to digg.

Now, I know I'm only one person, but I do both, a lot. So, from now on, when I can, I will go to an original article that is linked within HuffPo piece, and submit that article from there.

Also, there are certain HuffPo bloggers that I enjoy thoroughly. This isn't meant as a reflection on them. But they have to have noticed the glaring editorial changes that have been happening and I want to know why none of them is saying anything?


Oh, and my favorite thing HuffPo does is when they don't allow videos to embed, which happens more often than not. Just happened to day with a Glenn Beck Video. When I try to copy and paste the text and video (which is how you can usually bypass not having the embed codes activated), the video box say's the video is "exclusive."

Utter and complete bullshit.

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