Homophobes baffled as Warren backtracks towards Jesus

DKos' Bob Sackamento has written a great piece on hypocritical homophobe and pastor in hate, Rick Warren's sudden reversal on Gay -Marriage, which has got his flock a bit, shall we say, bitter? Confused? Livid?

From Bob:

As the Prop 8 vote drew near, Rick Warren eagerly pimped himself out to the Prop 8 movement (detailed by BarbinMD earlier last week). In a strange twist, though, he found himself on Larry King Live Monday distancing himself from none other than Rick Warren, as he denied supporting the anti-gay movement during last year’s election. It was a purpose-filled waffle that contrasted starkly with his own words.

[snip]....Warren’s remarks left his fellow hatemongers in a fit of absolute homophobic panic, as detailed in the legendary religious nutter paper, the Washington Times. One such bigot described the horror that overcame him when Rick Warren failed to forcefully pile onto the rancid mound of gay-bash that has been collecting in the backyards of some churches:

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