The Headlines Seem Different in Right-Wing Crazy World

No, we're not in Kansas any more.

From Michael Sweeney:

My-oh-my, don’t some of the rabid right-wingers seem to be acting (extra) strangely lately? Could it be due to the recent flood of bizarre "news" stories they’ve been awash in – and probably even believe?

NEWS FLASH! FEMA is building "relocation camps" to deal with those who oppose President Obama and the Dems in Congress!...NEWS FLASH! They are coming to take away your guns!...NEWS FLASH! Was Obama not even born in the US, thus making him ineligible to be our President?...NEWS FLASH! Did Obama actually bow in adoring allegiance to the Saudi king as an obedient Muslim?...NEWS FLASH! Dick Cheney says we’re doomed – DOOMED! – because of the current administration!...NEWS FLASH! Uh, how come my local supermarket is suddenly out of tea bags?...NEWS FLASH! Will even Chuck Norris be able to lead us out of this socialistic, communistic, atheistic, authoritarian mess? Stay tuned for more (insane) news...

Whew! OK -- take a breath...(and maybe even a pill or two...)

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