Fundraising drive for a new laptop

I decided to buy a laptop last week (so I can get the hell out of my apartment, into the real world, and have some actual live, in-person people contact).

[My 14" Sony Vaio & the accessories is actually glossy black]

It's should be here on Wednesday. I'm very excited. I've already purchased & hooked up the wireless router in my apartment, so I can also sit on my roof on nice days and connect to my cable modem from up there (I'm on the top floor of my building).

About 8 months ago I added that PayPal button you see there to the right, but never put it right up top like it is now, and to be honest, no one has ever made a donation. Not that I care! I do this more for me and my sanity than anything else and why should anyone (other than those who damaged me a child!), pay for my sanity? [big evil gin]

So, since I plan on using it mostly for blogging, I figured I'd mention the purchase, move the donation button up top to make it more visible and hope for the best. I don't think anyone will, but I hope no one thinks it in appropriate.

The laptop, protective case, wireless mouse (& router), cost $1100, which in the scheme of life isn't the most expensive I could have gone for. And trust me, I wanted one that was twice as much and being an addictive personality, it was very hard to control that impulse!

Well, there ya have it. Blogs do year-end fundrasing drives. I'm doing one for my new laptop. If you like what I'm doing and have a few bucks to spare, it would be greatly appreciated. I know times are tough, so I'm not really expecting much, if anything, but I thought I'd give it shot (as every bit helps, not matter how small).

I'll leave it at that.

PS: I'm very happy with what I've chosen, so for God's sake, don't tell me I should have gotten this or that instead of this laptop or list all the things that are wrong with this one. I won't be able to sleep ever again.

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