Fox Called Out for Promoting Anti-Obama Tea Parties, On Fox

Some days I'm just so grateful that sites like ThinkProgress, Media Matters and Talking Points Memo are around. They really changed the entire equation. The right dominated on hate radio and then when they added Fox news, all seems lost. Now, the right is playing catchup.

From ThinkProgress:

Last night, ThinkProgress editor Faiz Shakir appeared on Fox Business and slammed the network’s aggressive promotion of the anti-Obama tea parties. Guest host Charles Payne denied that Fox News and Fox Business were advocating in favor of the protests:

SHAKIR: These tea parties are a sham. The reason they’re a sham is because they’re directed by lobbyists here in D.C. … And on top of that, you’ve got this network, Fox News, which is advocacy — pushing this, promoting this with all of its heart. And it is not a grassroots movement when you have Jonathan Hoenig, Neil Cavuto, Glenn Beck, Greta Van Susteren promoting this up the wazoo. That is not a grassroots movement.

PAYNE: Faiz, let me just jump in. There’s a big difference between covering something and promoting it.

SHAKIR: That’s not what’s going on.

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