Emerging portrait of Pennsylvania Cop KKKiller, Richard Poplawski

Details about the neo-nazi cop killer from in Pittsburgh. It's some scary shit and probably only the beginning. Having an African American president is really freaking some of these right-wingers out and they can no longer control themselves. And having Beck, Limpdick, Hannity & O'Reilly fanning their flames, we're in for very turbulent times.

From Crooks & Liars:

Thanks to some sleuth work on the Internet, we're starting to learn more about Richard Poplawski, the 23-year-old who killed three police officers yesterday in Pittsburgh, evidently out of fear that his guns were going to be taken away.

It appears that what police may be looking at is a budding white supremacist who frequented one of the most popular neo-Nazi websites and harbored an apocalyptic dread of the federal government.

The Village Voice's True Crime Report has done a lot of the sleuthing. The thread of connective tissue involving the evidence they've uncovered isn't perfectly solid, but the strands are all well connected enough to suggest the general thrust is reasonably accurate.

The key is to look a little harder at the MySpace page of Poplawski's self-described "best friend," Eddie Perkovic -- the one that contains that anti-Semitic, anti-black racist rant, recommending that folks read David Duke and the Protocols. You can see Perkovic above, spouting the gun-nut line about how "he was gonna stand by what his forefathers told him to do."

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