DOJ Had Prosecuted Texas Sheriff For Waterboarding Prisoners

Jason Leopold has found this gem. A sheriff (and his deputies) in Texas was tired and convicted (by Ronald Reagan’s Justice Department) of torturing a suspect, using waterboarding. In 1983. Before Reagan signed any treaty regarding torture.

From Jason Leopold:

George W. Bush’s Justice Department said subjecting a person to the near-drowning of waterboarding was not a crime and didn’t even cause pain, but Ronald Reagan’s Justice Department thought otherwise, prosecuting a Texas sheriff and three deputies for using the practice to get confessions.

Federal prosecutors secured a 10-year sentence against the sheriff and four years in prison for the deputies. But that 1983 case – which would seem to be directly on point for a legal analysis on waterboarding two decades later – was never mentioned in the four Bush administration opinions released last week.

The failure to cite the earlier waterboarding case and a half-dozen other precedents that dealt with torture is reportedly one of the critical findings of a Justice Department watchdog report that legal sources say faults former Bush administration lawyers – Jay Bybee, John Yoo and Steven Bradbury – for violating “professional standards.”

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