"Outrage" Documentary: Activists Outing Gay Conservatives!

Good. Name them. Shame them and take them down. It's one thing to be closeted. That's understandable, especially if your a rethug, but to actively support laws & legislation against the gay community. No fucking way. Name them. Shame them and take them down.

From HuffPo:

"Outrage," a new documentary from filmmaker Kirby Dick, takes issue with the secret lives of closeted gay politicians -- especially conservative Republicans who outwardly oppose gay rights.

The film, which premiered last week at the Tribeca Film Festival, features tell-alls from men who say they've had relationships with various Republicans, including Florida Governor Charlie Crist, Bush strategist Ken Mehlman and former Senator Larry Craig.

According to Magnolia Pictures, "Outrage" is a "searing indictment of the hypocrisy of closeted politicians with appalling gay rights voting records who actively campaign against the LGBT community they covertly belong to."

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