Did Bush-Cheney admin destroy conservatives future?

Oh, yes. Yes they did. But they also might have destroyed this country beyond repair for which, only time will tell. AS for the movement conservative. It was in a head on collision in a car driven by W and while it's still breathing, it's doing so with the help of life support systems - the media - but once they come to terms with the fact that there is no brain activity, they will agree to pull the plug.

From Andrew Sullivan:

It's worse than many think. A reader writes:

I was reading your blog the other day, when I saw a post called "The Young and The Right". It talked about how not only do the young have a high approval rating of Obama, but we have a distinctly low approval rating of the Republican leaders in congress. I'm two months from graduating High School in North Carolina, a 40 year Republican stronghold, and newly minted swing state. I've grown up with my only personal memories of politics being that of the Bush Administration.

Every friend of mine that registered to vote last year registered not as an independent but as a Democrat. Many more too young to vote told me they wanted to do the same. The lasting political effect of the Bush Administration is not only that's created a new generation of (for now) solid up-ticket to down-ticket Democratic voters, but a new generation of leftists.


Until the right thoroughly accounts for what happened over the last eight years - and not in a perfunctory aside - they will have no credibility in reshaping their movement. If you want to know what will happen in 4 or 8 years, sample the HS and college kids. They do not trust the GOP or the idea of conservative control.

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