The Democrats Now Have their Hammer

From Dkos' Dartagnan:

We now know that one of the primary motivators of the Bush Administration's eagerness to torture people was to find--or fabricate--justification for the unwarranted and unnecessary invasion of Iraq. Prior to this revelation, the Democratically controlled Congress could point to the fear of a political firestorm and public blowback as a rationale for their failure to hold the perpetrators of this Kafka-esque monstrosity accountable. Still smarting from eight years of being labelled "traitors" and "appeasers", they were understandably (if not justifiably) wary of almost certain Republican demagoguery on the issue, and could look forward to reams of high-volume braying from the GOP noise machine along the usual lines of "my country, right or wrong."

As delicately pointed out by Pulitzer-prize winning journalist, Ron Suskind, in his interview on Rachel Maddow's program last night, they no longer need to be concerned about that. The Democrats now have their hammer, one that will withstand whatever protestations the GOP throws up...

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