Dear Conservatives, We're Sorry You're So Crazy

Hypocrisy, thy name in Republican.

The media might do well to remember what these reports are really saying. These have nothing to do with stomping on people’s first amendment right. It’s about domestic terrorism. Violent. Right-wing. Terrorism. It isn’t going to be a tree-hugger who blows up a federal building. It isn’t going to be a PETA activist who attempts to assassinate President Obama. It’s going to be someone from the right and someone who no doubts has been egged on by the likes of Glenn Beck & Rush Limbaugh who incite them with words like fascism, socialism, and language stoking the fears of these already angry views/listening that their guns will be taken away by President Obama.

From DKos' Devilstower:

Back in March, the state of Missouri completed a report looking into the nature of multiple militia groups that have sprung up (or moved in) around the state. Among the findings of the report? Militia members tend to be right wing wackos. It generated howls from the right. Now it appears that there is a similar level of yowling over a report circulating from the Department of Homeland Security.

The mere existence of such a report is bringing on choking outrage from the same people who cheered when DHS issued reports warning of the dire threat from such groups as people who don't like fur coats. They contend that having a report titled Right-Wing Extremism: The Current Threat is picking on them. It's a threat to their freedoms. A threat they didn't feel when the government issued a report titled Left-Wing Extremism: The Current Threat (pdf) in 2001.

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