Conservative Bloggers Claiming Obama Troop Visit "Staged"

Oh, you poor things. Is this ALL you have left? Have some of you forgotten to take you medications? I know losing an election by such a wide margin must have been demoralizing, but seriously. Now you're really scary me. I can understand Malkin's motivation; she never lets' facts get in the way of her diatribes, but the rest of you? Come on. Really?

From Greg Sargent:

There’s a claim making the rounds right now on the top right wing blogs that the image of wildly-cheering troops during Obama’s visit with them in Iraq was staged.

The charge appears to be that Obama’s team manufactured the image by cherry-picking in advance troops who said they’d voted for Obama, giving cameras to them, and asking them to point them towards their Commander in Chief.


The basis for the whole claim appears to be an email that a talk radio guy says he received from an anonymous sergeant in Iraq. That sergeant claimed that the audience had been “pre-screened” and added: “They even handed out digital cameras and asked them to hold them up.”

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