Cavuto: "Fox Covered Million Man March" Really Neil? In 1995? How So? Fox Started 1996!

From ThinkProgress:

In the past week, Fox News and Fox Business host Neil Cavuto has been defending his network’s decision to aggressively promote the right-wing, lobbyist-funded tea party protests.
We covered the follow-up marches to that Million Man March, because no matter the number, it was a big deal. [Fox News, 4/9/09]

– Because like in the Million Man March, it didn’t turn out to be a million men, but it got covered. [Fox Business, 4/11/09]
The problem, as News Hounds points out, is that the Million Man March took place on Oct. 16, 1995. According to the News Corp. website, however, Fox News did not begin operations until Oct. 7, 1996 — almost a full year after the March. Cavuto joined the network a few months before it launched — in July 1996. Before joining Fox, he was at CNBC.

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