Caller to C-SPAN: Why do you keep bringing these neocons on?


From ThinkProgress:

This morning, C-SPAN’s Washington Journal hosted the National Review’s Rich Lowry, a conservative media figure who openly supported and advocated the invasion of Iraq and the subsequent “surge.” During the segment, a woman from Tampa called in to criticize the host and C-SPAN for continuing to host neoconservatives despite the fact that their ideas have “failed.” She likened Lowry to an inadequate car mechanic a customer keeps returning to:

CALLER: I would like to know why, if you had a car, ma’am, and it broke down and you took it to your dealer and it kept breaking down, and breaking down. Wouldn’t you change dealers? Why do you keep bringing these neocons on? […] This failed! …And you keep on bringing on failed policy. […] I would like you to tell me why we are still using this car dealer who has failed America.

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