Beck blames liberal blogs for tying him to shootings.

If the incitement fits....

From Crooks & Liars' John Amato:

As soon as we posted information about the Pittsburgh execution of three police officers and did a little digging into the type of person Poplawski is, I knew the right wingers would immediately cry fowl and say we're trying to silence their opinions and blaming them for the tragedy. Isn't that always the case? Any form of criticism sets off a whinefest.

Free speech is a wonderful thing, but sometimes our words do have consequences. The insane rhetoric that comes out of the mouths of mainstream right-wing talkers is having an effect on the fringe element of the hard right.


...when right wingers talk about the insane possibility that an "upcoming revolution" is on the way -- that isn't preparing America for anything except more acts of violence by crazy people, Glenn. Michelle Bachmann is sitting in Congress telling Americans that she's a foreign correspondent on enemy lines. Watch out for those re-education camps for young people too. Oh, and let's not forget about the nonexistent "global currency" both Bachmann and Beck believe is going to be forced upon us. Meanwhile, Bill O'Reilly goes on the air and informs millions that Obama is selling us out to a One World Government.

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