Analysis: Obama beats first national security test

And it's driving the wingers insane, especially after they spent all day Sunday basically praying for a failed outcome.

From HuffPo:

WASHINGTON — The U.S. economy is showing only glimmers of life and two costly wars remain in the balance, but President Barack Obama's "no drama" handling of the Indian Ocean hostage crisis proved a big win for his administration in its first critical national security test.

Obama's quiet backstage decision to authorize the Defense Department to take necessary action if Capt. Richard Phillips' life was in imminent danger gave a Navy commander the go-ahead to order snipers to fire on the pirates holding the cargo ship captain at gunpoint.

For Obama, the benefits were instantly clear: an American life saved and a major victory notched against an increasingly worrisome scourge of the seas off the Horn of Africa.

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This is what AmericaBlog's, John Aravosis, had to say on this:
Let's not forget Obama's Republican predecessor's first national security test. You remember, when George Bush capitulated to China and apologized after they took our airmen hostage. Then there was Bush's second national security test, stopping bin Laden from striking America. That one didn't go so well either. And in eight years, Bush never did catch bin Laden, nor did he give any indication that he cared to.

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