Syria's Assad Emails Seymour Hersh To Describe His Hopes

Bush/DICK never wanted peace. They wanted us (& Israel) to remain in a constant state of war or high alert. It was the only way for the neo-cons' to maintain control and for their KBRs & Blackwaters to remain relevant (and profitable).

Elections do have consequences though.

From Seymour Hersh:

When the Israelis’ controversial twenty-two-day military campaign in Gaza ended, on January 18th, it also seemed to end the promising peace talks between Israel and Syria...

... a few days after the Israeli ceasefire in Gaza, Assad said in an e-mail to me that although Israel was “doing everything possible to undermine the prospects for peace,” he was still very interested in closing the deal. “We have to wait a little while to see how things will evolve and how the situation will change,” Assad said. “We still believe that we need to conclude a serious dialogue to lead us to peace.”


President Assad was full of confidence and was impatiently anticipating the new Administration in Washington when I spoke to him late last year in Damascus.


Sheikh Hamid bin Khalifa al-Thani, the ruler of Qatar, said last month when I saw him in Doha that Assad must take any reasonable steps he can to keep the talks going. “Syria is eager to engage with the West,” he said, “an eagerness that was never perceived by the Bush White House. Anything is possible, as long as peace is being pursued.”

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