RNC Chair Michael Steele's Narcissism Knows No Bounds

Look at me! Look at me! It's all about me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! And, for fucks sake…No more electing President’s because they said God told them to run!!!

From HuffPo:

RNC Chairman Michael Steele said he is "done" reaching out to the president, having apparently been rebuffed in his previous attempts to start a dialogue. In an interview with CNN that aired over the weekend, the Maryland Republican said he could detect no bipartisanship coming from the White House, stating that Barack Obama "has got a little thing about me that I haven't quite figured out."

The remarks were a new installment in yet another bizarre interview given by the Republican National Committee chair. As aired earlier, Steele told CNN that he would contemplate a president run if God told him the time was right. He also claimed to have strategically planned his squabble with Rush Limbaugh, in which he called the radio talk show host's work incendiary and ugly.

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Video via NewsPoliticsNews:

Jealous bitch.

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