O’Reilly is Terrified of ThinkProgress & "their evil deeds”

Why does Bill O'Reilly fear the left so much? And, why does he draw so much attention to us when it only seems to increase our exposure in a positive light?

From ThinkProgress:

Yesterday on The Factor, Bill O’Reilly addressed ThinkProgress in his “Reality Check” portion of the show, “a segment set up to defeat deceit.” And of course, O’Reilly proceeded to peddle deceit, claiming that “far left zealots…attacked a rape victim and her family because they asked me to speak at their fundraiser.” Wrong. We never attacked the Alexa Foundation; we simply highlighted quotes from O’Reilly that were unsympathetic towards a rape victim. O’Reilly has never explained why he implied that women who dress in a certain way or consume too much alcohol should perhaps expect to be raped and murdered. Watch last night’s segment.

O’Reilly also fumed at UPS’s recent decision to stop advertising on The Factor. “Disappointingly, the UPS corporation helped” ThinkProgress “in their evil deed,” O’Reilly whined. “Check is quite surprised. UPS needs to wise up fast.” Or what Bill? Will they be stalked, ambushed, and harassed by your henchmen as well? Please join our campaign.

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