Countdown w/ Keith Olbermann: O’Reilly Spins into Absurdity

Great segment. O'Reilly is almost as insane and Glenn Beck is delusional & paranoid. Mrs. Murdock must be withholding sex from Rupert at this point considering how embarrassing Fixed news is to her.

From Countdown:

Terkel: "Bill O’Reilly needs to really take a long look in the mirror. He said that paparazzi are the scum of the Earth, and Americans are entitled to their right to privacy. But evidently, that only applies if you agree with Bill O’Reilly. If you don’t agree with Bill O’Reilly, it’s okay to be followed and harassed while you’re on vacation or to have his henchman accost you in your own garage. So it’s only if you agree with him you get those rights."

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ThinkProgress has more: Olbermann interviews Terkel about O’Reilly’s Harassment Machine.

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