ABC/WaPo: Fault Lies With The Financials, Not The President

What was it that they called President Clinton? Teflon Bill?

From DKos' DemFromCT :

We've been following the various and sundry polls that show that Obama is not getting the blame for this financial mess (see CBS and USA Today/Gallup: AIG Is AIG's Fault, Not Obama's), and in our own Daily Kos Research 2000 poll, we've noted the right track/wrong track numbers as a key indicator (it's currently 39/59 right/wrong), along with where the independents are going.

This morning the ABC/WaPo poll affirms those findings. The graphic shows things in a nutshell, with the topline Obama job approval at 66% (MoE +/- 3) and Obama handling of the economy at 60. Michelle's favorability, btw, is at 76.

The number of Americans who believe that the nation is headed in the right direction has roughly tripled since Barack Obama's election, and the public overwhelmingly blames the excesses of the financial industry, rather than the new president, for turmoil in the economy, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

On the economy, the public sees improvement, matching other polls.

Overall perceptions about the country parallel a rapid increase in the percentage of Americans who say the economy is improving. For the first time since late 2004, the gap between the numbers saying the economy is getting better and those saying it's getting worse is in the single digits (27 percent to 36 percent).

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