17 Reasons To Give Thanks

I'm just thankful 69,000,000 American's (and still counting) -- that's a 7% margin a victory (also still counting) -- didn't allow themselves to be manipulated into being afraid of the socialist, terrorist-sympathizing, latte-drinking, Arugula-eating, Muslim-Manchurian-elitist.

Think Progress has created their annual list of Thanksgiving. Here are some of my favorites:

We’re thankful we’ll soon have a president who will hit the ground running instead of a president who is running the country into the ground.

We’re thankful that Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow are demonstrating every night how strong and intelligent progressive voices can be successful on TV.

We’re thankful we live in a center-left America rather than “Hannity’s America.”

We’re thankful Sarah Palin has more time to watch over Russia and warn us in case Vladimir Putin ever “rears his head.”

We’re thankful for Tina Fey.

We’re more thankful for Vice President Joe Biden and “Morning Joe” than Joe Lieberman and “Joe the Plumber.”

We’re thankful that reality still has a liberal bias.

We’re thankful that there are only 54 days left until the end of the George W. Bush presidency.

We’re thankful for the progressive mandate to govern.

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