WOW: Manhattan Mini Storage Abortion/Wire Hanger Ad

I love my city. Brilliant ad.

From CBS:

Manhattan Mini Storage often uses liberal messages in its billboards, reflecting the politics of a city in which three-quarters of voters picked John Kerry over George Bush in 2004. Some of the billboards that can be seen around the city include:

* The catch-phrase, "The Democrats Cleaned The House ... Now It's Your Turn," superimposed over an elephant carrying a suitcase.

* The catch-phrase "Your Closet's Scarier Than Bush's Agenda," appearing on a confidential document.

But does the image of a coat hanger cross the line? Manhattan Mini Storage declined to comment.

New Yorkers, much like the rest of the country, seem split on the issue.

"I think it's kind of edgy," one woman said. "It's witty. It's OK."

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