Barbara West, Biden Interviewer: Her Husband is a GOP Flack!

From bluetidalwave:

Joe Biden got asked some questions from Orlando WFTV reporter Barbara West on Thursday that where completely false.

Biden: "Are you joking? Is this is a joke? Or is that a real question?" Turns out that her husband, Wade West, is a media consultant for Republican politicians!

Well it turns out that her husband, Wade West, is a political and media consultant for Republican politicians. The GOP talking points Barbara West used in her interview may have come directly from the McCain Palin communications team via her husband Wade.
From Barbara West's website "I am married to Wade West, an international media consultant to politicians, professionals and organizations."
West's media communication and fundraising skills have made him a popular consultant for Republican political candidates ranging from local elections, to more than 85 members of Congress and members of the President’s cabinet.

Wade West is also a Republican donor. West donated $250 to the NATIONAL REPUBLICAN CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE. He gave $500 to Will McBride a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Florida. As well as $500 to John Mica and $1,000 to Richard Keller both GOP congressional candidates in Florida.

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