SNL SKEWERS McCain and His Sleazy Lies in Al Franken Crafted Skit

From DKer Bob Sackamento:

The skit accurately roasts McCain's willingness to sacrifice any shred of decency to win an election with his ridiculously specious attack ads.It evens throws in this likely McCain ad:

"Barack Obama fathered TWO black children IN WEDLOCK."

Inspired by the mendacity of McCain's commercials, Al Franken provided his expertise to the SNL writers:

Al Franken, the former "Saturday Night Live" star now running in a high-profile Senate race in Minnesota, helped craft the opening sketch mocking John McCain that kicked off the NBC comedy show Saturday, according to two well-placed sources inside the network...

Franken, who hasn’t been a staff writer on the show for 13 years, "phoned in" a spoof of McCain recording campaign ads in an edit booth, said an NBC source. Seth Meyers, the show’s current head writer, wrote it, but the sketch was hatched by Franken, a longtime liberal satirist and comedian...

A Franken campaign aide said the candidate had been taping an ad earlier in the week and had wondered out loud how McCain could include the disclaimer candidates are required to include in their commercials — "I’m John McCain, and I approved this message" — when his spots were so "over the top."

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