Why Can't The Networks Read Polls?

Many of us are asking the same questions that DemFromCT is:

If you were getting your political information last week from the nightly network news, or the cable networks, for example, you'd know that Obama has an insignificant lead on McCain but Obama's in trouble despite Bush's unpopularity and the state of the economy because he (a) did not get much of a bounce after Hillary Clinton withdrew, and (b) is having trouble consolidating Latinos, women, white Catholics and independents.


On the other hand, if you got your news from the internet, you'd know that Obama has a small but sustained lead in the horse race, and is in strong position because he has wide leads with women, Latinos, the electoral college, and enthusiasm of supporters. In addition, his strength elsewhere is masked by relative McCain strength in the South, McCain women supporters are vulnerable to rejecting him on the choice issue, and there are more Democrats and less Republicans this year. Because of all of that, most people think he's going to win (especially women).

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I've just stopped watching cable news, for now. I'll start back up around the Democratic convention.

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