McCain's Eight Most Inappropriate Jokes

EyesOnObama has a list and is checking it twice.

It makes, for me, a significant point about the difference in deferential treatment McSame (or most rethuglican pigs) gets over Obama (other Dems). Just Imagine what would ensue in the corp. media had Barack Obama made ANY of jokes on the list in this article:

Everyone likes a presidential candidate with a decent sense of humor. But John McCain has a history of of making off-color jokes, ranging from the bizarre, to the inappropriate, to the downright vicious. A look at the most shocking.

If you've ever seen Ricky Gervais' BBC series, The Office (the overseas predecessor to the hit US show), you've already met David Brent. The miscreant man-in-charge is a serial joke-maker, though his workplace rubes almost always tend toward the inappropriate and insensitive.

Jump to the real-life political David Brent: John McCain. The Arizona Senator and GOP nominee has taken a number of stabs at humor on the campaign trail. Some have hit the spot. Others have missed the mark completely, garnering a gaggle of negative media attention as a result.

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Boys will be boys the good ole boys network would no doubt say in defense.

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