Keith Olbermann, Glenn Greenwald Feud Over FISA

Well, Huffington Post is getting in on the family squabble now, though their more like the ugly stepsister than a true blood relative:

A war of words has broken out between two of the progressive blogosphere's most beloved figures: MSNBC's Keith Olbermann and blogger/author Glenn Greenwald of Salon.com.

In a post yesterday, Greenwald charged that Olbermann's "blind devotion to Barack Obama" had let him to excuse and defend Obama's support of the FISA 'compromise' legislation. Greenwald noted that Olbermann has previously condemned the idea of giving immunity to telecom companies that spied on Americans, calling it a "shameless, breathless, literally textbook example of Fascism" and comparing it to the actions of the Third Reich.

"But," Greenwald wrote, "[n]ow that Barack Obama supports a law that does the same thing -- and now that Obama justifies that support by claiming that this bill is necessary to keep us Safe from the Terrorists -- everything has changed."

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See my thought on why Keith is wrong in a couple of posts below, but now I want to add another thought as to why he is wrong that no one else has mentioned:
The worst thing we were left with from Watergate -- beside the nation understanding how corrupt & maniacle President Nixon and his administration truly were (amateurs compared to this administration, mind you) -- was the pardon.

The corp. media likes to swoon over Fords wonderful decision to put our nation's nightmare to rest, along with some historians, but the pardon didn't end the long nightmare, it passed it off to the next two generations.

Had Ford allowed the justice system (and the nation) to get the bottom of the corruption the administration was guilty of (had we all been allowed to see each and every gory detail), the cockroach-minions behind, under and on each side on Nixon would have been exposed then and saved this country a lot of heartache, not to mention blood, sweat and tears, now.

The careers of those psychopaths -- Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld for instance -- would have ended right then & there. The neo-cons in training along with these two bastards would have drowned along with them.

That is why the telecom immunity is so detrimental and why it's so NOT OK to overlook Obama's change of heart with the "hope" wrapped up in the delusion of justification that he will do x, y, or z later (criminally speaking) to get to the bottom of it.


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