Is ABC really any better than FOX?

I had been watching ABC news as my "network" news source since I was a teenager. Local & National, as well as Nightline. I saw the first Nightline, which started becuase of the Iranian Hostage crisis. After Ted Koppel left, I couldn't watch that right0-wing Idiot, Terry Moran. But after that ridiculous, right-wing, blame-Bill-Clinton-for-9/11 movie, after almost 30 years, I stopped watching news completely. It's only gotten worse.

Charlie taking over at World New Tonight, and how he uses it as a platform to diminish Democrats at every turn, ensured I wouldn't return to ABC News anytime soon.

And don't even get me start on the blithering, gossip whore, Stephanopoulos.

Jed points out his observations with his usual video flare:

I thought tonight's coverage of the Clinton-Obama unity rally was a particularly good example of how ABC is negatively biased against Obama. In fact, compared to ABC, the FOX News report seemed positively glowing to me. I've posted both reports after the jump if you care to subject yourself to the torture of watching them.

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