Continuing Decay of the Jindal Brand

An update from Crashing Vor on the mess that is Bobby Jindal, McSame's possible running mate:

After diarying the rapid decline of Gov. Bobby Jindal's popularity over his refusal to veto a legislative pay raise and calling attention to the recall petition circulating against the Boy Governor, I'd have thought there was no more to say on the subject.

But the sun has risen on another bright, blessed, schadenfreudelicious day in Louisiana, the Times-Picayune has hit New Orleans porches, chock full of fresh dissing for John McCain's second-or-third-favorite running mate.

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Keep in mind this so-quickly-corrupted and an evidently serial crackpot who:
Authorized Chemical Castration Of Sex Offenders...
Called Intelligent Design "The Very Best Science"...
Experience As A Exorcist...
Jindal's second-highest paid campaign staffer turned out to be an energy lobbyist
Failed to accurately report over $118,000 worth of in-kind contributions from the state GOP.

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