AZ GOP: "McCain is mentally unstable and out of control."

Forget trying to make Barack Obama into some secret Muslim bent on turning America into an Islamic nation ruled by Sharia law, John McSame is the REAL Manchurian Candidate.

From Bo Jangles:

This November, for the first time, McCain's name will appear on a national ballot. While Arizona residents know a lot about McCain's political history, the nation, as a whole, knows relatively little. His national image is largely a fantasy created by his public relations machine. It is time now that the nation learns the facts about McCain. What better place to begin than in his home state with his fellow Republicans?


Bob Haney, the Republican state committee chairman in Arizona's 11th District, has described the situation to Max Blumenthal this way:

"People would be calling in to [state committee] headquarters every week, absolutely enraged, threatening to leave the party because of some comments McCain made," Haney told me. "The guy has no core, his only principle is winning the presidency. He likes to call his campaign the 'straight talk express.' Well, down here we call it the 'forked tongue express.'"

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Ouch. and Bo Jangles'' article only gets better.

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