Andy Martin: The man who started "Obama's a secret Muslim"

Good break down of the longer WaPo piece (see post below) that tracks down the beginnings of the smear. Call it "The Smear's Origins for Dummies."

From The BBQ Chicken Madness:

The main article was actually done by the Washington Post and can be found HERE , and it does more than reveal the identity of where the rumor started. It also does an amazing job recapping how the seeds grew and took on a life of their own into the ridiculous level they are today.

Apparently an ex-political rival contemplating a Senate run, Andy Martin felt that after seeing Barack Obama's 2004 speech at the Democratic Convention, that it was up to him to "expose Obama."


During the Senate battle, the Muslim aspect started. And then we all know where it goes from there. In fact, Martin's belief in why Obama is a secret Muslim is laid out in all it's disproven terms.


I'm sure he will be getting fruit baskets and gift cards to Target from Republican's across the country for giving the only piece of ammunition that has stuck to Obama so far.

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