The Politico's John Harris admits now what he denied last year: They focused on internet traffic over substantive stories

As usual, Glenn know exactly what he's talking about and Politico is nothing more than a gossip rag masquerading as a serious news organization.

From Glenn Greenwald:

John Harris, former National Political Editor of The Washington Post and current Editor-in-Chief of The Politico, wrote a column yesterday acknowledging the extremely obvious truths about his "profession" -- that because they are obsessed with attracting traffic-generating links, they focus on empty trivialities at the expense of substantive news:

As leaders of a new publication, Politico's senior editors and I are relentlessly focused on audience traffic. The way to build traffic on the Web is to get links from other websites. The way to get links is to be first with news -- sometimes big news, sometimes small -- that drives that day's conversation.

There are all sorts of points that can be made about Harris' self-evident confessional, but let's begin with the fact that, last March, I wrote numerous posts criticizing The Politico for precisely this vapid, link-chasing mentality in the context of its endless coverage of the "Edwards hair" story which its reporter, Ben Smith, "broke." One post was titled: "The Politico: Gossip rag masquerading as news organization?" Another focused on The Politico's obvious obsession with securing critical traffic-producing links from Matt Drudge.

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