Obama's political team out-organized Clinton

Well, we could have told you this 3 months ago, Ms. Pickler. Perhaps you'd have seen it for yourself if you started paying more attention to & stuck with reporting facts (and stopped focusing on the trivial). From the AP:

Call them Kool-Aid drinkers. Political romantics. Starry-eyed dreamers.

But as the marathon Democratic primary campaign nears an end, Barack Obama's staff is on the verge of vindicating its belief that the eloquent black freshman senator from Illinois was a unique candidate who could win the Democratic nomination in one of the biggest upsets in presidential politics.

The band of Obama loyalists who imagined that could happen have stunned even themselves with their success against Hillary Rodham Clinton, who appeared to have wrapped up the nomination last year, before any votes were cast. Now, they face a new challenge with the impending nomination and campaign against Republican John McCain.

If they succeed, many team members could be helping run the country eight months from now. Presidents often appoint campaign advisers to top administration jobs.

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Don't you worry your empty little head, Nedra Pickler. They will succeed.

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