McCain's Web gap is showing - Los Angeles Times

Hillary Clinton campaigning like it was 1996. John McCain is campaigning like it's 1906. The GE is going to be so much fun!

From the LA Times:

The candidate is taking a serious drubbing on the most popular video-sharing service on the Internet -- and the virtual town square for millions of young voters.

The video lasts just more than three minutes. But that's long enough to raise some nasty doubts about John McCain's reputation as a straight talker.

There's the Arizona senator arguing both sides of President Bush's tax cuts. Here's the supposed foreign policy wizard flubbing the simple facts about which terrorists are being trained in Iran. He's even ducking his own admission that he needs to learn more about economics.

The newsreel of McCain lowlights has zoomed up the YouTube charts in the last week, with more than 1.5 million views. “John McCain’s YouTube Problem Just Became a Nightmare” is the video's title, which might be dismissed as partisan hype but for one thing: It's true.


Search "John McCain" on YouTube and you'll find the latest broadside, by Brave New Films of Culver City, and a lot more that's not good for a candidate who's built his reputation on constancy and authenticity.

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The LA Times is referring to this incredible video from The Real McCain/Brave New Films (also featured in the right side column of this blog):

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