John McCain and his 527 pals--No Integrity Here???

I can't wait for this primary to be completely over so that we can all focus on McSame (and by we I mean the media too) From the Jed Report:

Two of John McCain's campaign co-chairs, Senators Lindsay Graham and Joe Lieberman, turn out to be advisers to an anti-Obama 527. There's nothing illegal about this, but it does violate McCain's stated policy of not not having members of his campaign team also work with 527s involved in the presidential campaign.

It should be fun to torment him over this inconsistency, but the thing that really caught my attention was the ad itself. It closes with a loaded rhetorical question: "If Barack Obama won't listen to us, who will he listen to?" Nothing surprising about that kind of attack coming from the GOP, but the funny thing is that John McCain is the one listening to terrorists and quoting them on the campaign trail. For example:

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